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Independence Day Fireworks at Dodger Stadium

John Ely did not have a good night.  He could not get out of the 3rd inning.  The good news was the bullpen.  Jeff Weaver and Belisario pitched scoreless innings.  The Dodgers made it close with Rafael Furcal extending his hitting streak by belting a two run homerun.   Final score Marlins 6, Dodgers 5. 

Here are some pictures from the game:

July 5 2010 005.jpg

I like this picture of father and son.  He is wearing a Bobby Welch jersey and the kid a Jackie Robinson.  

July 5 2010 007.jpg

My friend James with his kids,  wish his dad was sitting here too to get alll three generations.   

July 5 2010 008.jpg

fans on the field to watch the fireworks.  I prefer to watch them from above

July 5 2010 011 fans waiting for fireworks.jpg

fireworks at Dodger Stadium.  

July 5 2010 01 fireworks.jpg

After the fireworks, Victor and I stopped at the Music Center to see the Dodger Mickey.  i wanted Victor to see how beautiful it is. 

July 5 2010 022. Dodger Mickey mouse at Music Centerjpg

I love our Dodger Mickey Mouse!   Is is beautiful!

Thumbnail image for July 5 2010 019.Dodger Mickey Mouse jpg


Part of the Game Thread from April 21, 2010

I can’t watch or listen to early games since I am at work and by the time I get home is over but I love reading the game threads from the BIg Blue Wrecking Crew forum (I have a linkie to the right) Here is part of the game thread:


Runs come fast and furious in Cincinnati … let’s give Kuroda a chance to settle down before we declare the season over.

can anyone pitch or play d?!?!? WTF

Argue Joe! Do something! Does the man have any passion at all?! We just got screwed. That’s a judgement call, they can’t just arbitrarily assume where to place the runners.

Nice recovery by Kuroda. Still steamed that Torre can’t go out and argue with the umpires. Lasagna would have burst a carotid artery over that call.

It doesn’t matter much anyway. The way things are going, we’ll need about 12 runs to win this thing.

im thinkin more like 15

manny!!!!! 5-4 good guys

Manny is absolute nails!

Loney isn’t

Well, at least Joe can get emotional about his freaking horse… Nice to know he has passion about something

Career RBI #1800 for Manram!


AWOL is warming up.(Bellisario_who’s VISA problem because of a DUI last year caused him to miss Spring Training)

raffy with an rbi triple….. holy crap hes on fire

KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 RUN HOMER!!!!!!!!!!

Joe says that’s one of the few things he still gets emotional about. Dammit, I’m pretty emotional about how placidly he manages my team. He acts like he doesn’t give a ****, and manages like the outcome is of no consequence. Meanwhile he’s misting up watching his nag run around in circles.

I’m confused. Is Torre speaking of his pony or his wife? SamAdams, you said he was watching his nag run…! Most guys would be happy to get their nagging wife to run…! Be glad to be so fortunate, Joe…!

Apparently tonight, the discussion has gone from Torre’s pony to beating a dead horse.

AWOL on the mound.

KEMP = MVP…! The only thing that may prevent it is Andre…! Nice problem to have…

I hope you are right and think there’s a reasonable chance but it is hard to forget about Puljos.

I really can’t believe this is the Dodgers. Over the years they’ve usually been a terrific pitching, weak hitting team. I feel like the world is upside down. Kemp is an absolute ANIMAL.

AWOL is still inducing the grounders. The Bowler is back!

Say goodbye to first place Gnats. The Madres just swept ’em.

23 runs in 2 days but only one win. Oh well, we’ll take it.

According to the Dodgers site, Weaver tweaked his back. Torre denied Stoner’s “workload” had any bearing on the injury.

Yeah, I believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin. Let’s face it, Torre has zero clue on how to handle a bullpen, do a double switch or spell cat. I hope Donny is taking notes and learning what not to do as a manager.

I’ll buy that Weaver’s injury may not be directly related to workload, but what I can’t get over was how stupid it was to bring him into the game. It’s a 7 run lead in the 8th inning, and Monasterios hadn’t pitched in 4 days. I get that he’s a Rule 5 guy, but he’s shown that he’s at least usable (he did get through the last 2 innings with no issue, after Weaver left). Why bring in a guy you count on like Weaver, when it’s a perfect situation to let your Rule 5 guy soak up some innings? Killed me.

Thanks Big Blue Wrecking Crew!

Thank you Dodgers!!

Final score Dodgers 14, Reds 6.

Chilling at the Ravine! I LOVE LA!

I know my friend Ash at http://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com/ is not having as much fun as I am but I loved reading your recap of the past two games Ash!  Thanks!!

What a wacky wild game Monday was!  I don’t like to see so many errors in a game even if it is the opposing team but I am so glad we won!   Kudos to Mark Loretta for noticing that Church missed the bag at third!.   Wild and Wacky game!  First you have the Mets winning 3 -2 only to have the final score be Dodgers 3, Mets 2.  Good job to El Lobo (Wolf) even though he did not get the win.  Another cheap win for the bullpen. 

On Tuesday’s game Billingsley struggled in the first few innings with a high pitch count but then he showed why he has a record of 6-1 now.   Gutsy performance for the pride of Defiance, OH.   Oh and what about the bearded one Casey Blake with his 9th homerun?  Not bad for your number 8th batter.  On to game 3 today with Hernandez for the Mets against Jeff Weaver.   Good Luck Weaver!  

Today is Casey Blake bobblehead night.  I heard that the BBH resembles him a lot.  Stay Thirsty my fiends:  From the name that was given to Casey Blake at Dodgers.cc.   TMIMITW (the most interesting man in the world) because of his beard.  Still having problems adding youtube so here is the link to TMIMITW  


Stay thirsty my friends. 

Dodgers win their 12th consecutive victory at Home! Going for lucky 13!

Jeff Weaver got his first win last night!  Some might have been saying “Who is that guy on the mound?”   He looked like the old Weaver that pitched for us in 2004 & 2005!  Welcome guerito.    I feel like singing the song “Que Onda Guero.”   The only run he allowed was a wild pitch.  He was limited to 75 pitches for his start but he gave us a little more. 

Our bullpen was fantastic with Tron (Troncoso), Belisario, Ohman and our baby bull Jonathan Broxton. 

What do you think of Torre’s comment about Weaver :-)?

“He said he didn’t do a good job with the leadoff hitters, but that’s pretty much why we felt good about sending him out there,” said Torre, who replaced rookie James McDonald with Weaver. “He’s done this. He’s never been one to rattle.”

 Going for lucky !3!   with 21 year old Kershaw against Cabrera.  Both are 0-2. 

On my way to the stadium now.  

Emma_Bleeding Dodger Blue!  

p.s.  I got Kirk Gibson’s autograph!!  




Perfect 10 at Dodger Stadium…Billingsley a perfect 5-0

What a ride we’ve been having at OLOCR (Dodger Stadium)!!  We are a perfect 10-0 at home! and our young pitcher Billingsley is off to a great start with a perfect record of 5 wins, 0 losses!  

Thursday, Jeff Weaver  was called back from Triple-A! .  He had to get to work right away as our young JMAC (James McDonalds) could not get out of the 2nd inning.   Jeff  had 4 scoreless innings with help of Matt Kemp great catches!  He will take over JMAC in the rotation so Jeff will start on Tuesday.  Welcome back and good luck guerito!!

Friday night I spent most of the game in the clubhouse restaurant/bar.   Interesting watching the game from there.   We met a season ticker holder that sits in the Reserved section.  After the win and since it was Friday, we watched the fireworks from there.  I think the best place to watch the fireworks though is from the Top Deck!   It was Las Vegas Fireworks Night so all the music was with a Las Vegas flavor.  Also during the game Nancy Bea_our organist, played Vegas related songs like “Luck Be the Lady Tonight”.  I found this youtube of Nancy playing “When I am 64”   Ok, so I forgot how to post youtubes so here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bbhZP6FVfk

The video at the end reminded me that we no longer have the Trader Joe’s fan of the day.   I was selcted once. They also used to give you this cool  blue Hawaiian Dodger shirt and they used to send you the CD of the announcement.    

Saturday night, Andre Ethier got a bases loaded single in the 10th inning!  Dodgers won 2-1.  Wolf pitched well but the win went to the bulpen.

Sunday Billingsley got his 5th win!!!    Congratulations Billz!  

Carne Asada with Andre:  My friends and I headed downstairs to the terrace area in the Loge level where the event was taking place.  They had Carne Asada tacos, rice beans, different cilantro with chopped onions, cheese quesadillas and different kinds of salsas. Yum!!   There were mariaches and Andre Ethier posed for pictures.  We also got a signed picture of Andre.  Andre came with his wife Maggie, the baby and one of his brothers.  Proceeds from the event benefited the Dodgers Dream foundation.   

Sad News:   Saturday night I found out we lost one of our “Top Deck family.”   Wesley was only 36.  I did not know he had a rare desease.  I remember one time when they showed highlights of Kirk Gibson’s Homerun, he said “I still get goose bumps  watching it” then he pointed to where he and his dad sat that day.  My deepest condolences to his parents James & Uni who are also part of the “Top Deck Family.”   R.I.P. Wesley. 

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch part 2.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch…part 2.

Sunday 3/1 Opening Day (posting 3/7/09 from hotel in Glendale, AZ)

So this is the day that my friend Lore, Erik & I had been waiting for! We just had to go to the Grand Opening of Camelback Ranch!  I had gone downstairs to use the computer and print the thread  tited Jeff Weaver & The Boys of Summer.  I was hoping to give it to him to encourage him to do well πŸ™‚ There were problems with the printer but I finally got it printed and rushed thru the hot breakfast offered at Springfield Hotel (perfect name!). While I was making my waffle and waiting for it to cook, I was having a small bowl of oatmeal. My friends were anxious to get me out of there. 

We got to the Camelback Ranch’s parking lot and paid $5 for parking. When we started walking out of the car I heard someone yelled “Emma!”. It was one of my neighbors at Dodger Stadium.  She with her hubby and their 2 little girls sit infront of me.   We hugged and caught up with each other since (scratches head) oh yeah since the event for season ticket holders at Dodger Stadium in December. 

So now we are at the roped area where fans wait for players to pass by.  We saw Either and I told him  ‘Andre!  We need a new restaurant review!’ He looked back, smiled and pointed a finger in my direction.  Next James Loney went by and we sang the Loney song that two posters from ITD came up with (I’ll incude names afterwards ).    Loney and some of the players smiled at the song.  It goes like this:

My Loney has a first name. is J A M E S

My Loney has a second name, is L O N E Y

Oh I like to see him every day and if you ask me why I’lll say

Cause Loney has a way with H I T T I N G.

Fans applauded us after heading the song πŸ™‚

Ok, so next we wanted to see Jeff Weaver.  Lore is a fan of Weaver and I wanted to give him my post.  Everyone said he had already gone by, so after watching some of the guys practice, we came back to the roped line to see if we could see Weaver.   I spotted him signing autographs and I said  “WEAVER!”   I startled him and he said “That is me”.   I asked him if he coud read what I had posted in my blog and basically told him what was in the page.  He took it and stuffed it in his pocket and said he would read it later.  He told me he remembered that game he pitched at Dodger Stadium against Roger Clemens well. 

So Weaver continued to sign autographs and pose for pictures.  He seemed like he was having a good time.  I got on the phone and called Lore to ask her where she was and that Weaver was right infront of me.  She was almost at the end of the line so I moved there with her and told her I could take a picture of her and Weaver since I’ve seen him posing for pics.  But when he got to where we were, he picked up his things and we were like “ohhhh”, BUT he threw his things at the end of the line and came back.  Everyone applauded him.   I took the picture of Lore & Weaver and while he was signing Lore’s ball, I said “We are glad to have our guerito back.”  Guerito is an endearing term for a blond guy.  He smiled and said “also flaquito”.   LOL. I did not know he knew a few words in Spanish.  Flaquito means skinny.   Note that adding the “ito” for males or “ita”  for females, it makes it an endearing term.  

We lost that game, but we had a lot fun and did not want to go back home.   We drove back Sunday evening working on plans to come back soon.