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WIN Baseball Clinic: My Butt and Legs Hurt!

We had to be at Dodger Stadium at 8:45 a.m.  to check in.  Once we got checked in, there was fruit for us to snack while waiting for the event to start.   Afterwards we took the field to practice with our partners.  This was my fourth WIN clinic at Dodger Stadium but I have also done one at Vero Beach and this year at Camelback Ranch in Arizona.  

I felt like a kid roaming around Mannywood, Bison(Kemp) county and Ethierland!  My friend Lore and I could see the marks that Kemp and Ethier have left on the wall.  

Brad Ausmus was supposed to take over for Jeff Kent who had hosted the event for the last four prior years.  Well Brad found out the night before that he was catching Kershaw so he had to be scratched.  Recently called-up left hander pitcher Scott Albert took his place. 

Dr. Steinberg first took the mike and introduce our embassador of baseball, Tommy Lasorda.  Tommy has so many stories to tell that is always a pleasure to hear him speak.  He was making fun of some of the guys that played for him who were helping at the clinic.   Our coaches were Tommy Davis, Ron Cey, Kenny Landreaux, Babo Castillo, Sweet Lou Johnson, Darryl Thomas, Jim Campanis _Thanks for letting wear your World Series ring!, and physical therapist Sue Falsone.

Of all the stations, the one with physical therapist Sue Falsone left me with my butt and legs hurting.  I still hurt this morning!

There is more, but I got to finish washing and head to the stadium for today’s game.   Pictures coming up too.