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What does Wes Parker and Robin William have in common?

They both studied at  Claremont McKenna  College.  

A friend told me that there was going to be a discussion on the business of Baseball  with Wes Parker, Jim Colborn and Scott Akasaki on Monday November 19.     I checked Google map to see how long it was going to take me to get there.  Google map said 1:15  minutes in current traffic.  I did not believe it as it takes me 1:10 minutes to get home which is 45 miles away.  From Chatsworth to Claremont there are 61 miles.    It actually took me TWO HOURS & 45 MINUTES!   Several times I thought about turning back and going home.

I am glad that I Char parked next to me as I probably would have wasted more time looking for the place on campus.    The event was already in progress  and Dodgers traveling manager, Scott Akasaki was speaking.

Before Scott introduced Wes Parker he asked “Who hit for the cycle after Wes Parker had done it for the Dodgers?”   Scott picked Char to answer the question.  She immediately said “Orlando Hudson”   Scott rewarded her with a Wes Parker signed baseball.   She was ecstatic!

After the event was over Char shared a cute story wtih Wes Parker.   She said that when she was 12 she wrote a snail mail to Wes with questions for a career assignment and he replied.  She said she lost the index sized postcard, but the answers were neatly typed.   Mr. Parker said “Oh yeah!  I replied to all my fan mail!’   Love Wes!   Here he is with his old coach!

Scott gave a lot of baseballs.   There were more signed baseballs from Wes Parker.

Who was the Brewers first 20 game winner?

Jim Colborn.  Jim asked that question.   Jim Colborn has a  a good sense of humor.   He had us believing that Tommy Lasorda was in attendance.     Jim also threw a no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals.

There were a few signed baseballs by Jim Colborn.  Scott at one point asked “Anyone here from San Francisco?”  They got a signed baseball from Jeff Kent.   There was a signed baseball also from Andre Ethier.

Scott had a box full of signed baseballs!   One of the questions he asked “Anyone  Cuban descendant or from the Caribbean?”   I put my hand up that I was from Central America so I got Yasiel Puig signed baseball!

It was a long day but I am glad I went.  Thanks Char!

Funny things happen to me. Dodgers at PNC. Puig to Rancho.

I went to the Little League game at San Bernardino.   I saw Oregon beat the Idaho team.   It was extremely hot but at one point there was a whirlwind that originated at first base. 

I enjoyed watching the kids and the crowd.  The kids put a lot of heart and enthusiasm into the game  and the crowd are very supportive of their team no matter what the score is.    

The plan was to watch the game and then head home to watch the Dodger game.  I did not know there was a second game.   Dodgers lost 7-3 .  We should have stayed to watch Petaluma & Hawaii but we watched part of the game on ESPN.     

Funny  thing happened  on the way home.  We were caught in a rain & lighting storm by some mountains there.  By the time I passed the storm I noticed a sign saying how many miles to Barstow.   I said “WAIT A MINUTE!  WE ARE APPROACHING VICTORVILLE”   I needed gas so I got off the freeway, got gas and took the I-15 the right way this time.    I travelled at least 50 miles extra.

Did I mention  before that I do Pilates at work three days a week?  We have an instructor come to work 3 days a week during lunch time.   Today after the session, I headed to the bathroom closest to the exercise room.  The two stalls were already taken so I changed close to one of the sinks.  I put the clothes I was going to wear close to the sink when OOPS! MY CLOTHES DROPPED INTO THE SINK AND THERE GOES THE AUTOMATIC FAUCET!    Too late, got my clothes wet!   I had to put my top like that as I was not going to wear my exercise top back to work.    

Dodgers at PNC for four games

Dodgers at PNC for four games.   Dodgers and Pirates are coming off wins.  Capuano had a great game yesterday against the Marlins where he took a no-hitter into the 7th.   Cappy got his 11th win on a 5-0 shutout.   Pirates scored 9 runs in the 4th off the Padres on four walks one error and six hits that included a grand slam. 

Yasiel Puig

The cuban Yasiel Puig is now close to Los Angeles!  He has been promoted to Rancho Cucamonga.   I see myself going to Rancho soon. 

Jerry Hairston Jr.  has been put on the DL and Herrera has been called back.  Good luck Jerry and welcome back Herrera.