Think Blue Sign

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Ever since some letters from the Think Blue sign got damaged from the wind, we have not seen the sign back.

Here is Rachel, who sits in front of us with her mom, dad & sister. I took the picture the same day we hiked to the Think Blue sign.

I hope they bring it back. I won’t talk about the Think Cure sign but I hope in time, the new Dodger ownership does a charity radiothon with auctions such as a chance to meet Vin Scully and other unique Dodgers experiences like we had before.

Anyway, since we don’t have a sign, I decided to post pictures of the time that a friend and I hiked to the Think Blue sign. It was after a playoff game that we had lost in 2009. We were at the right field restaurant after the game waiting for the traffic to slow down. We were looking at the fans hiking up the Think Cure sign since they open that area during playoff for extra parking. One friend said “Let’s walk up to the Think Blue” sign so two of us did.

Let’s hike up.

nice view from here

The hard luck Eovaldi with a record of 0-2 and ERA of 1.82 goes against Milone Wednesday night.


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