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Trivia: Name a living Brooklyn Dodger player that played with the Angels

I’ve been working on updating the living Brooklyn Dodgers players list. I am adding some additional data as a request from a commenter but I am having some difficulty now that I added an additional column to the Excel worksheet. It is not copying correctly to WordPress. Anyway, when adding addtional data to the list, -see list here http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2013/01/02/honoring-the-brooklyn-dodgers-players-alive-in-2013/ _ I noticed one player that played with the Angels.

Can you name him?

It might be an easy question for some of you. Maybe I should give a prize…hmmm.

Dodgers at Angel Stadium.
I went to Angel Stadium last night. It is a long way from work in the San Fernando valley to Anaheim. Anyway, I went there

Weaver was dealing but at the end the Dodgers made it a close game losing 4-3. Dodgers took the first two games at Dodger Stadium so lets hope Dodgers can win tonight. Ted Lilly will be looking for his first win against Vargas.

Dodgers are playing 20 games without a day off

With a combination of away and home games, the Dodgers are playing 20 consecutive games without a day off before the All-Star break.

It started with the Dodgers going to Oakland for three game where they got swept.

Then they headed to Anaheim where they lost two out of three.

After Sunday’s game they took a bus to Ontario to hop on the flight to San Francisco to play three there.

After the three in San Francisco they come home to play a four game series with the Mets starting Thursday.

Come Monday the Reds come to Dodger Stadium to play three. The Fourth of July game on Wednesday starts at 6:10.

After the Fireworks game, is off to the airport to start a four game series with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

WOW! a tough test ahead for Mattingly and the Dodgers. If they can turn it aorund and do well they can do this:

By then, Matt Kemp should be ready to come back and we can see him doing this:

Dodgers Win against the Angels! Let’s get the Rubber Game tomorrow!

Dodgers win! dodger Win! Capuano went seven innings, giving up one run, seven hits. Belisario with the hold was nasty. Kenley Jansen came in to get get his 12th save. Bonus: He got me a save for my baseball fantasy team Los Locos Azules. good job guys! *applauding*

Final score: Dodgers 3, Angels 1.
Dodgers only got four hits but they came at the top of the lineup with Dee Gordon getting two hits, Hairston one and one for Andre Ethier.

Two errors by Angels in the first inning helped. One error came from Albert Pujols and one from Maicer Izturis. Great defense by the Dodgers with Herrera making a great catch. That was short of being a homerun.

Santana took the loss and Capuano improved his record to 9-2. Congratulaytions Capuano!

Rubber game tomorrow. Aaron Harrang against Garrett Richards.

No Vin Scully in today’s game since it was National Fox but tomorrow Vin comes back!



Dodgers got swept by the Oakland A’s. Below are the results of the offense during the three game series:

1st game: Athletics 3, Dodgers 0. >> 29 AB, 2 hits, 3 BB, 7 SO
2nd game: Athletics 4, Dodgers 1. >> 31 AB 3 hits, 1 BB, 2 SO
3rd game: Athletics 4, Dodgers 1. >> 28 AB 3 hits, 1 BB, 7 SO

Total: 8 for 88. Average: .091.

Dodger offense = Pathetic, anemic, offensive, raquitica (puny).

Andre Ethier is batting .171 for the month of June. The rest of the offense is in the low low .200’s. Hitters need to work the count. Make those pitchers work. Don’t make them look like future Cy Young winners.

Can the bats come alive tonight against the Angels? I hope so! Here is little baseball shrine with candle for good luck

Here the pitchers for the Dodgers Angels series:
Friday: Billingsley (4-5, 3.75) against Haren (4-7, 3.97) >> 7:05 PT TV: Prime
Saturday: Capuano (8-2, 2.71) againt Santana (4-7, 5.16) >> 4:15 PT TV: Fox
Sunday: Harang (5-4, 3.76) against Richards (2-0, 0.86) >> 1:05 PT TV: FS-W

I hope James Loney is feeling better as pepe Yniguez reported Thursday that Loney was throwing up.

Let’s Go Dodgers! Let’s Go!

ref: LA times.

Rubber game: Dodgers Angels.

Dodgers lost the first game with the Angels 3-2. Isringhausen won it and Kenley Jansen lost it. Kenley is in my baseball fantasy team, Los Locos Azules.

BUT! we know pitchers got to have a short memory. Kenley came back on Tuesday and won the game. Dodgers were trailing on this one but with the score 2-2 (after Ethier tying the game), ex-Angel Juan Rivera went Boom! with a 3-run homerun! We went crazy at the stadium!

It was also Mike Sciocia’s bobblehead night. I don’t think the bobblehead resembles him but I am glad to have it. Scioscia used to be a favorite of mine back when I started attending games. Always had a soft spot for catchers and pitchers.

Not a good day for honorees at the ballpark since Jaime Jarrin who was honored the night before did not get a win for his team. But it was a special night with all the tributes paid to Jaime Jarrin.

After throwing out the first pitch along with his son Jorge Jarrin and his grandson Stefan Jarrin, Jaime went to the mike to say “It’s Time for Dodger Baseball” but first he said it in Spanish “Es La Hora de el Beisbol de los Dodgers”

Another person that threw out the first pitch was the Veteran of the Day. Dodgers honored a Veteran every day. This time it was 102 year old Bea Cohen, the oldest living female World War II Veteran.
Bea Cohen Oldest Female World War II Veteran

Monday was also the day the Kings won the Stanley Cup! 50,559 showed up at Dodger Stadium even with the Kings playing at Staple Center.

For tonight Dodger game, the Stanley Cup Champions Los Angeles Kings are bringing the Stanley Cup trophy and will be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Congratulations Kings! Let’s Go Dodgers! Let’s Go!

Dodger Road Trip to Seattle. Back in L.A to face Angels.

Lorena, Rosie and I got back to LAX at 11:30. Lorena had parked near by so she had to take a shuttle there. Rosie and I had taken the Flyaway so I gave her a ride home once I picked up my car at Union Station. My alarm at 5 AM came on way to early!

Shower & coffee were not doing their thing of keeping me awake

But I got in to work with window and Sunroof open to keep me awake. It is all worth it though! I had a great time in Seattle!

After the 1-0 no-hitter on Friday the Dodger bats came alive! They score eight runs on Saturday and another eight runs on Sunday for the scores of 8-2 and 8-3. We were fanatically happy with the results!

Congratulations to the Dodgers on an excellent road trip that saw them go 8-2.

Lots and lots of Dodger fans at Safeco Field. I am in this picture from Jon SooHoo.

And here is my friend Lorena in another of Jon SooHoo’s pictures. Sometimes you never know when he is taking a picture

And here is another picture where friends emailed that I was in it

Here is a picture from Jon SooHoo of some of our friends that made the trip. In it Kevin & Dee

I wanted to include more pictures but I have not had a chance to upload my pictures.

visit Jon SooHoo’s MLb blog at http://dodgersphotog.mlblogs.com

Angels in town. Richard versus Capuano tonight on Jaime Jarrin’s Day

UPdate: Roster move: Juan Uribe reinstated and Alex Castellanos sent back to Triple-A Albuquerque.

Tommy Lasorda (2) days till Dodgers Opening Day at Petco Park

Tommy Lasorda (2) days till Dodgers Opening Day at Petco Park!  

One of the topics last month for our monthly company  meeting in the cafeteria was talking about the company 2012 season tickets.  They started with:   

Our Meeting with Tommy

First we told Tommy we wanted free tickets

Then Tommy countered with $$

Finally we sent our chief negotiator and got them down to $$

They were only looking for pictures of Tommy but the guy doing that part of the presentation was surprised to find a picture of Tommy with me.  He decided to use it.   There are about 500 employees here so I had a few stop me asking me “So you know Tommy?”   lol.  

Charlie Dressen (7) days till Dodgers Opening Day at Dodger Stadium

Charlie Dressen was a Brooklyn Dodgers  coach from 1939 – 1946.  He took over as manager in 1951.  After leading the Dodgers to a World Sereis in 1952 and 1953 -but losing both times to the Yankees, he demanded a three-year contract from team principals  Walter O’Malley and buzzie Bavasi.  Instead, O’Malley fired him and replaced with Walter Alson, a man who would go on to manager the club for more than two decades, always on a one-year contract. 


Freeway Series. 

Is  the Freeway Series with the Anaheim Angels.  Dodgers lost the first game last night at Anaheim by the score of 12-3.  Ugh. 

I am going to tonight’s game but I can’t get there for batting practice.  Kristen of http://blithescribe.mlblogs.com/ will be there.  I’ll will try to go see her after I say hi to a lot of people at the stadium.   I am excited to see Our Lady of Chavez Ravine again.

Dodgers score 5 runs, we can score too!

Johnny Rockets has a special “When the Boys in Blue Score, We Score”   I like it!  The Dodgers score 5 runs and we can go to Johnny Rockets and score with a $5 Hamburger combo.    Here is the flyer:

For me, the closest one is at the Arcadia, Pasadena, Alhambra or Monterey Park.   Among other locations, there is also Burbank, Long Beach, Farmer Market area, Universal City Walk, TO, etc. 

Dodgers lost yesterday to the Tigers but they did score 5 runs.   Today Is an off day for the Dodgers so I think I am heading to Johnny Rockets after work.   Dodgers play the Angels starting Friday night.   Go Dodgers!  

ref: http://www.johnnyrockets.com/promotions/promotions-dodgers.php 

Vote for Matt Kemp!   Vote for Andre Ethier!

Don’t Miss the Big One!

Don’t miss the big what?  The 41st Annual Convention 2011!   This time is in Southern California.  July 6th to July 10. 

There is plenty to do at the convention in Long Beach!  Check out the presenters and the convention activities at http://sabr.org.  

This will be my first time attending a SABR convention.  I really wanted to go last year to Atlanta but I could not work it out into my schedule.  But this time being so close to home, I am there!   

I am also looking forward to meeting more members of SABR and going to the Dodger game on Friday night and the Angel game on Saturday.   Also the tour of historical Southern California ballparks sites, including Wrigley Field, The Los Angeles Coliseum, Gilmore Field, Washington Park and the Vernon ballpark.  

I am not sure if I can make it to see the Visalia Rawhide at Lake Elsinore.  I never been there.   Did you know that Tom and his cousin Kevin O’Malley own the team?   Tom’s grandfather was the legendary Walter O’Malley,

Check it out!  Don’t miss the big one!   The price is very reasonable, more so if you are a member.  

ref:  www.sabr.org.

Thinking Blue while Dodgers play Red Teams.

That was painful getting swept by the Angels.  But at least Sunday, I can see some players getting out of their slump like Manny, Raffy and Loney.  Now when Kemp, Ethier and the beared one join in, watch out!     

This picture was taken by Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo.  Thanks Jon for a wonderful shot! 

Weaver had to come and bat against Jerred.  Jerred in turn came to face Jeff.   Originally they were not supposed to face each other but with Monasterios failing to make it passed the 3rd, inning, in came in Jeff Weaver.  
Weaver vs Weaver.jpg

Now the Dodgers are on the road to face the Cincinnatti Reds for three and then is off to Boston!   Don’t look ahead to the Red Sox boys so play well in Cinci.    I’ll see you all in Boston!  Go Dodgers!

Honduras faces Chile tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM.  Buena suerte Hondurenos!  

Honduras-Chile preview


Red Sox tickets.jpgThree more days till my friends and I head to Boston!  I talked to Manny Sunday and told him that I hope he plays well in Boston.  He said “Si Dios quiere”   “Se lo dejo todo a Dios”   “God Willing”  “I leave everything to God” 

Here are our tickets and the Dodgers polo shirt that we got included in the Dodgerslife event.   

Think Blue!

Go Dodgers!