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Fertilizer! My Top Deck row seats are being taken out at Dodger Stadium

So I just got a call from the Dodgers that my Top Deck row seats are being taken out at Dodger Stadium.   They say they will move me to a comparable location.   Section 1 or 5.   Yeah, I need to go to Select A Seat.   I don’t think I can take off time at work for my scheduled appointment on Thursday.  Maybe Friday but for sure Saturday.   I need to see what my friend Lorena is doing.  Is she moving?   Who else is moving?   They are disrupting our Top Deck family!     They are expanding the handicap area so we will see how it looks after.  NOTE:  I like my seats that are in the shade! 

World Series:  Giants and Tigers oh My!

I am still excited about the World Series!   Yeah, even if the Giants are in it.   Of course I am rooting for the Detroit Tigers!!  No respecting Dodger fan would root for the Giants.   Just like I expect no self respecting Giant fan to root for the Dodgers.  Go Tigers!!  Beat the Halloween team!

A well rested Justin Verlander takes the mound at San Francisco against Barry Zito.

Dodgers will go to Australia in 2014!?

Wow!   I got the message from my friend Rosie that the Dodgers might open 2014 in Australia! Start saving those dollars and vacation days.

Jackie Robinson died 40 years ago today. 

It was 40 years ago today that our beloved Jackie Robinson passed away.   I was reading in the LA Times everything related to baseball.  The only non-baseball article I read was the one from Chris Erskine “Golden moment for Wooden in bronze”  The bronze statue  will be unveiled on Friday at UCLA.   Erskine notes some of the other notable sports statues around Southern California.   I noticed the Jackie Robinson at UCLA

and at the Pasadena Civic Center where the sculptures of Mack and Jackie Robinson overlook the City Hall building.

Orange County Wedding Photographers - BP75 (8)

Like Erskine says  in the article “It’ll be interesting to see what the new Dodger owners do up the hill, though Vinny and Koufax seem like the surest of things.

Remembering how Jackie Robinson decided to retire instead of going to the Giants!  Go TIGERS!!

There is a Baseball Game tonight! Nick’s Diner & Homegirl Cafe Reviews

Weird Saturday without any MLB baseball game.    I started my Saturday meeting some train friends at Nick’s in Los Angeles close to Dodger Stadium, a little closer to Chinatown.   Nick’s was started by a couple of cops in the 40’s.   The place is a hole in the wall but the food is good.   I had the huge ham and eggs with a big biscuit that came with homemade jam.   It was delicious with the home made salsa.  

 We were there to see our friend Nora who no longer takes the train as she changed jobs some time ago. She is now pregnant and the baby girl is coming very soon.    Nora and her husband Sax are  Dodger fans so I need to find some  Dodger baby stuff for her.  

Afterwards my friend Sonya and I walked to Homegirl cafe.    I like the food there so maybe next time we will go there.     This time we wanted to check out the store.  I  ended up buying a  top and two loaves of bread.  One is a chocolate chip wheat bread.  I toasted two slices at home and they were divine oozing with the chocolate that made it seem more homemade.   My friend bought some pastries and a nice  soup mug.   

Whenever you are close to Dodger Stadium, check out these two places.  

With no MLB baseball on Saturday, I was switching channels when I ran into a Mexican baseball game between Los Algodoneros de Guasave.  

against the Tomateros de Culiacan

I have never been south of the border to watch a game.    I saw Marlon Byrd of the Cubbies was playing for the Tomateros.

NLDS Game 6  

BUT today is Sunday!  The NLDS Game 6  starts at 4:30 PM Pacific Time in San Francisco.   Let’s hope the Cardinals can wrap it up today beating the Giants.  

The Giants will send Vogelsong and the Cardinals will counter with Carpenter.   

Let’s go Cardinals beat SF!

 In the meantime the Detroit Tigers  are waiting and waiting.  

If Tim Wallach goes to the Red Sox how about..

Tim Wallach will be interviewing for the manager position with the Red Sox. 

Joo SooHoo picture

If Wallach  leaves how about the Dodgers offering Alex Cora the third base coaching position?   

I think Alex Cora would make a great third base coach.   He has a great baseball


From this article from Jonathan Mayo:  

Other players in his position, nearing the end of a robust career and working to win a roster spot, might take a more me-first approach to Spring Training. Yet Cora has been tireless in his efforts to mentor young infielders like Jackson throughout the spring. It’s a pay-it-forward attitude that is very much appreciated by the mentees.

Having a coach on the field like Cora is a good thing for any manager, and perhaps an even bigger bonus for a rookie skipper like Matheny. In the short time they’ve been together this spring, Matheny already sees a future path for the veteran, one Cora’s older brother has already taken.

“That’s Alex’s makeup,” Matheny said. “I know it’s something our veterans have a desire to do, to help out our younger players and figure out how they can pass on some of the things they know. You can see he’s wired, he can be in this game for a long time instructing and teaching if he desires to do so once he’s done.”

Cora appreciates the kind words, but he doesn’t want to dwell on his coaching bona fides just yet. Perhaps it’s something that will come down the road, but it’s clear he’s not ready to talk about career changes just yet.

“I appreciate that, but the less I talk about [coaching], the better it is for Alex, the player,” Cora said. “I take it as a compliment, but I really don’t want to cross that line yet. I still want to play baseball. I still feel I can contribute.”

Is Alex Cora ready now?  


Wow!  I thought the Oakland A’s were done but they hit a walk-off to force another game so again tomorrow we will have four game!   I love baseball!   Let’s play four tomorrow again!  Loving the MLB PLAYOFFS!  

Go Reds!  Beat the Giants!