Vote for MLB’s Dodger Fan of the Year

Vote for me for Dodger Fan of the year by going to Twitter and using the hashtag #DODGERSFOTY4. Thank you! I am a long time Dodger season ticket holder. My first recollection of hearing Vin Scully was in my boyfriend’s Datsun truck. I remember that Summer. I was the first Dodger and Baseball fan in the family and I have converted many since then. In 2013, I was awarded the Hilda award from the Baseball Reliquary given in memory of long time Brooklyn Dodger fan Hilda Chester.  The award is given to recognize distinguished service to the game by a baseball fan.  I am also an active member of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research)  Go Dodgers!!

Dodger Insider


You can now vote for the Dodgers’ Fan of the Year in an MLB contest sponsored by Esurance.

Each of the four finalists has a video supporting his or her candidacy — click the image above to see them. They are:

  • Laura Zimmerman: Zimmerman is passionate about all things Dodgers, as she attends every home game and follows the club’s Minor League affiliates.
  • Vincente Reyes: Reyes dedicates his Instagram to sharing the dazzling photos he personally captures at Dodgers games in various locales.
  • Danny Del Toro: Elvis tribute artist Del Toro has combined his love of the King and the Dodgers, and he is now renowned as Dodger Elvis.
  • Emma X Amaya: Season-ticket holder Amaya is a savvy fan who rarely goes a day without posting about the Dodgers on her Facebook page.

Voting is takes place through 10:59 a.m. PT on September 19. To vote, you must use a…

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