A nice gesture by Andre Ethier and Eric Karros Bobblehead Unveiled

The fans sitting in the first seven rows of the Right field seats got a nice surprise on Tuesday night when they received free Dodger dogs on Tuesday wrapped like this:

What a nice thing for Andre to do! I was not sitting there but my friend Lorena got the text along with the picture. Thank you Andre!

Dodgers lost three consecutive games for the first time this year. On top of that, Matt Kemp reinjured his left hamstring scoring from first base on an Andre Ethier’s double. I noticed someone getting mad in the dugout but did not realize it was Matt until afterwards. Kemp is back on the DL. Good luck Matt.

Tonight is the fourth game with Chad Billingsley against Greinke. I will be sitting in the Left Field pavilion tonight. I am told the seat is above the milk sign. Looking forward to seeing Deuce, William, Dee, Joe, Ron, Pete and the rest of the fans that sit there.

The next bobblehead has been unveiled today. It is the Eric Karros bobblehead.

Nice! I like it! It is on my birthday June 28, but I will be out of town. Not to worry, brother Vic will collect for me.


  1. Sheryl Adsit

    I wish I were still able to sit in my old season seats in the left field bleachers…. keep up the great work on this blog. I still love my Men in Blue….

  2. WrigleyRegular

    Watching the game right now. Just saw the second Brewer get hit by a Billingsly pitch. I think they were both an accident, but I expect a Dodgers hitter to get hit before this game is over. Enjoy the game………….and oh by the way……..I love that Scully bobblehead.

  3. crzblue

    Sheryl! OMG! Long time! As I sat there in the LF pavilion keeping score I was remembering you being there. Although the Dodgers lost, I had a blast there. I know many of the people there that are season ticket holders + two other friends Cari & Kristen suprised me as they were also sitting there. So good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.
    Russel, I too think that those balls just got away from Billingsley. I had a blast sitting in the Left Field pavilion. Could have been better with a W but oh well. I can’t wait for Scully bobblehead. It is going to be a crazy day at the stadium. For all bobblehead you need to get early to the stadium. There were 51K+ at the last bobblehead day (infield).

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