Brooklyn Dodgers. Then and Now. Johnny Rutherford

Johnny Rutherford then

Portrait of Johnny RutherfordJohnny Rutherford  was born on Tuesday, May 5, 1925, in Belleville, Ontario,  Canada. Rutherford was 26 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April  30, 1952, with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Rutherford pitched both as a starter and reliever for the pennant-winning 1952 Dodgers. He made his major league debut  in relief against the Cardinals at Sportsman Park. His first major league win came a week later, also in relief, in a 5–4 decision over the Cincinnati Reds at Ebbets Field.

At the plate, he batted .290 (9-for-31) with 3 runs batted in and 3 runs scored.

Rutherford made one appearance in the 1952 World Series   He pitched one inning in  Game # 4 and gave up one hit (a Mickey Mantle triple) and one earned turn.

Johnny Rutherford now
I looked everywhere for a current picture of Johnny Rutherford but I could not find one 😦


  1. Sandy

    Your postings are very entertaining. Have any passed between Jan. 12 and now?? You have more than distracted me from a boring Dodger game. Tonight we’re making Jason Marquis look like Bob Gibon.

  2. crzblue

    Fortunately no one has passed away. Glad I distracted you. Thank the baseball gods that the perfecto, no-hitter and shutout were broken. Let’s see how the series with the Braves go. Hopefully Greinke gets the series started on a good note. I am so looking forward to the All Timers game on Saturday.

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