Great Road Trip Dodgers taking 4 out of 6!!

Dodgers take 2 out of 3 from the Phillies and Marlins!   Great road trip boys!  Congratulations

Congratulations to our young 21 Clayton Kershaw who had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning!  Of all people, our ex-Dodger Cody Ross broke the no-no with a double.


 Mota was called to protect a 10-0 score but final score ended up being 12-5.   Cody Ross got a grand slam.  The two biggest pain in the


See full size image




for the Dodgers in this homestand were two ex Dodgers:  Jayson Werth & Cody Ross.   The post steroid Mota is not working.  

Congratulations to Juan Pierre and Mark Loretta who got 3 hits each!  

 Dodgers come home to play 3 with the Mets and the Angels!  Yeah!   

I checked out “Baseball an illustrated History” by Geoffrey C. Ward & Ken Burns from Monrovia library. This is a great read!   I happen to be there for the library Grand Opening day.   Ray Bradbury was scheduled to be there so I am glad I stayed to hear him.  The place was packed and he was running late so I was reading this volume to Ken Burns magnificient  PBS TV series.   The intro is by Roger Angels and essays by Thomas Boswell, Robert W. Creamer, Gerald Early, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Bill James, David Lamb, Daniel Okrent, John Thorn, George F. Will and an interview with Buck O’Neil.  

Bought a couple of used books from the Friend of the Libray and this lady said “You like to read and you are a baseball fan.”.  I was not buying baseball books but I had a t-shirt with small letters reading “This is LA baseball”.  She said if it was just the shirt she would not have said anything but I forgot I also had my baseball diamond pendant on.   The back of the pendant reads “Diamonds are forever.”   

Again, congratulations to our Dodgers!  4-2 road trip without Manny and Kuroda-san




  1. crzblue2

    I wished I knew ahead of time that Ray Bradbury was going to be there so that he could sign one of his books. The place was packed and lots had taken their books to be signed. I love his love for life and love. He told great stories.
    I love that I can correct my comments!

  2. crzblue2

    Sorry, I noticed I did not finish my sentence. I DID hear Bradbury speak. What I meant to say is I wish I had known before so that I could have taken a book for him to sign like a lot of people that came with their books.

  3. crzblue2

    So I went to Von’s market and this lady grabs my arm and tells me “what are you doing here?” I look at her like “who is this woman?” She says “you don’t remember me?” “maybe because I am out of uniform, I am the one by the elevator…” Then it dawn on me that she works at Dodger Stadium. oh oh, that is an earthquake. A mild one but an earthquake..

  4. coolia

    Hey Emma, thanks for writing me – nice to see your blog and congrats on a great start for your blog and your Dodgers this season! I havent had much time so am trying to catch up on my blogging tonight. Boy did I feel the quake. I live in Culver city so I was close to the epicenter (Inglewood). That was the first one in my 6 years out here that scared me a little. I thought my pictures were gonna fall off the wall. I just posted about it. Anyway, nice to hear from you!

  5. crzblue2

    I am glad I happen to find you. Next time you come to Dodger Stadium, let me know. Had not heard where the epicenter was.

  6. aducker

    I grew up in Arkansas where you watch out for a tornado and not earthquakes. After college I lived and worked in San Francisco for a year. I don’t know if any SoCal folks who feel stuff regularly can remember but for me he first time I felt the Earth move under me it was an altogether uneasy feeling. There were never any major tremors while I was in SF though but there was a moderate one right after I moved that messed up some stuff in the building where I used to work. I guess I dodged a bullet…

  7. crzblue2

    Yes Jane, we had an earthquake. Is funny that I heard it first from one side of the room to another.
    I remember my first earthquake because it happen to be the 1971 Sylmar Earquake with a 6.6. magnitude. One of my uncles and cousin had left to Honduras at midnight for my grandfather’s funeral and I thought that morning “they are the only ones that were saved.”
    Good to see you here! I am excited about the upcoming homestand with the Mets & Angels! Can’t wait to be at the stadium tonight!

  8. crzblue2

    Irish! Irish like our Vin Scully! You know Irish, our Andre Ethier has been on a slump since Manny’s absence. Maybe he should talk to Big Papi to see how he coped. Good luck with your team.
    What I do collect are baseball movies and baseball books. The rest of the stuff is either stuff that I buy at the stadium or game giveaways. Also the yearly giveways that they give season ticket holders are very cool. I have Dodger stuff in every room and my baseballs on the mantle, on other bookcases. Also one look at my work cubicle and you know I am a Dodger fan.
    If you have a chance look for the book at the library. I am so bad that after the library I headed to the closest bookstore and bought 3 more books, one of them from Ray Bradbury.

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