The Good: Billingsley, The Bad: The bullpen, The Ugly: The Divorce

The good:  Chad Billingsley pitched seven great innings.  He struck out 13 D’backs and went out winning the game 4-1.  

The Bad:  The Sherril and Broxton.     Again, they let it get away.  Sherrill gave up a two run homer.  That was Tony Abreau’s first homerun.   In came Broxton who gave away another two-run homerun.  

I have said this many times, they should have shutdown Broxton some time ago.    I dropped him from my baseball fantasy a long time ago.  This loss was tipical of other losses this year.     

The ugly:  The McCourt’s divorce.   I had forgotten I had taken this picture in the Summer.
Dodger fan with t-shirt.jpg 


This morning I was reading Jonathan Shapiro’s review  in the LA Times about Michael Connelly book “The Reversal.”   It starts with:  

 Los Angeles has much to lament, Our Dodgers, victims of a broken marriage, are the neglected boys of summer.  the Trojans are on probation, the Bruins are bad and the NFL has abandoned us entirely…

Thank God for Michael Connelly.  Without him, Los Angeles would just be Houston without humidity, Phoenix with the sea..

It concludes with:

We’ve still got Vin Scully, at least for another year, Huell Howser, the Lakers.  And we’ve got Connelly.  To quote another L.A. luminary, Randy Newman: I love L.A. 

Talking about books, I found three more books that a local library discarded.   I got lots to read this off-season.    

baseball books.jpg


  1. crzblue2

    Vinny is the reason why I did not turn off the tv after Sherrill and Broxton gave up four runs to spoil Billingsley’s game.

  2. devilabrit

    It now looks as though the Dodgers have all got Tee Times and just want out of the stadium, I get the feeling if they could they’d just forfiet the rest of the season, I couldn’t blame their season on the divorce, since the McCourts don’t actually go out and play…. shame they’ll end with a below .500 season…


    Phillies Outside

  3. crzblue2

    Perhaps that is what they were doing in AZ. On to Colorado for the last road trip. Dodgers have been and are money strapped. They have given up good prospects because of it. Phillies on the other hand have a good team to compete.

  4. raysrenegade

    The worst thing about the McCourt divorce proceedings might be the way it will postpone and possibly hurt the Dodgers from securing some Free Agents or possibly trade a few budding stars to get by before it is all over and the team can go back to the business of baseball.
    Relievers all over the league are pushing the button for implosion right now. Not sure if it is the long season’s fatigue setting in solid on their bones and muscles or….maybe they are starting to shut down mentally and missing their locations….

    Rays Renegade

  5. crzblue2

    yes Matt, I made many lassting memories this year from the Dodger Caravan in February to now but there is this weekend where is going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone at the Stadium. Not only the players, the stadium but the friends at the stadium. A few of us will get together in the offs-season and for the rest we will see each other on Opening Day.
    Is suspect that besides fatigue is not having an incentive of going into the playoff. Sometimes no matter how tired you are, the adrenaline can carry you.
    yeah, that is what we Dodger fans want, a new owner with money and love for the team. Vin is the treasure that keeps me in good spirit.
    Haha Kaiser, you can stop rooting for the Dodgers now. You must be thrilled with the standings.

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