Come Rain or Shine. Roy Campanella

I won a nano Ipod from KCAL during one of the Dodger telecast! I picked it up last week. Thank you KCAL!

So brother Vic loaded some music on my ipod.

I was listening to Nancy Bea’s rendition of Master of the House. She used to play it for Orel Hershiser and still does when he comes to Dodger Stadium.

The song right after from Nancy was “I get ideas when we are dancing” haha, I need ideas to post here.  

The next song was from Frank Sinatra “Come Rain or Shine” It reminded me of my love for the Dodgers.

Days may be cloudy or sunny

We’re in, or we’re out of the money

But I’ll love you always

I’m with you rain or shine

Roy Campanella

So I was wondering if I should skip tonight game but not after reading Plaschke’s column here 


From the article:

 The Dodgers are bringing Campy back, and good for them. In a Dodger Stadium ceremony before their game with the San Diego Padres, they will make two contributions to the Roy and Roxie Campanella Physical Therapy Scholarship Endowment at Cal State Northridge. They will donate money to the fund, and a seasonal internship in their medical department for a student from Northridge’s renowned physical therapy department.

Joni Campanella Roan, his daughter, is expected to be on the field to accept the gifts. She will be joined by a most stirring bit of Dodgers memorabilia, her father’s empty wheelchair. For one night, Campy will be back in front of a crowd he moved without moving, in a house that he helped build even though he never played an inning there.

campystamp 9521100_240X180.jpg


Heading to Dodger Stadium soon. 



  1. crzblue2

    Hey Sue!
    The Ipd is so tiny! and it has FM radio. Too bad it does not have AM to listen to the Dodger flag station. Besides the Nancy Bea Cd’s I do have a baseball CD that I’ll load there.

  2. crzblue2

    I love my nano Ipod! I was looking at a 1981 Dodger program where Roy Campanella was working as a coach for the Dodgers. I wish I would have gotten a chance to talk to him.
    Every once in a while Plaschke writes good articles. I did not used to have an Ipod before Mike. Only reason why I have one is because I won it.

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