Happy 64th Birthday Ron Cey

Today February 15th is Ron Cey’s 64th birthday.   I was looking for a picture of the Penguin and I but I could not find any.  I’ve taken pictures of him with other players but not of him by himself and I could not find one with me.  I know somewhere I do have some.  I need to organize my pictures.  

Here is a picture of Ron Cey with his kids. 


And here he is two years ago with Vin Scully and Tommy Lasorda:


Here is a picture I took July 2010 at the Steve Garvey Celebrity Softball game.  I was invited by Mike who also has season tickets in my section.  


a while ago here http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2010/11/11/third-base-has-been-very-very-cold-to-the-dodgers/ I wrote a post saying that Ron Cey never won a gold glove, not because he did not deserve one but he played during Mike Schmidt tenure.  So here is a glove for you Ron!  Is not gold but is chocolate!

Happy Birthday Penguin!  

note:  MLB TV announced they will televise for the first time, two Urban League baseball games this Saturday.


  1. emma

    Joe, let me guess, the picture I took and the cupcake glove. Lol. I think the cupcake glove us a cute idea to take to the game. Sometimes we celebrate birthdays in my section.

  2. Veronica

    I was at a Dodger game and noticed a man givng an autograph to a kid… I told my Fiance “Hey who is that man…my fiance was so excited he said that is the Penguin…I had no idea who he was but my Fiance did… we immediately went to ask Ron Cey if he would allow me to take a picture with him…he did…it was not till that evening after the game I knew who he really was and what he is to the Dodgers … I am beside myself to have taken a photo with the GREAT RON CEY…now I know….It was a honor to know that I have a photo with one of the all time GREATS of baseball…a legend…WOW……The Los Angeles times just recently published thier front Sports page with Ron Cey as well as three other great baseball players… I have clipped it and will be framing it along with my photo with the Penguin…I am going to the Dodger game this FRIDAY 28th and I will be going to the area I saw Mr. CEY…hopefully he will be there so this time my fiance can hopefully take a picture with him. I am so lucky!!!!!

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