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Because of blogging late at night I missed…

I missed my 6:50 train!  I got up too late.  Ok, the next one is at 7:15  no way I can make that one.  OK, maybe the 7:30 one.  I get to Union Station with two minutes to spare.  ::runs to the train station:::    I missed the  train!   ::looks at schedule::  The next one is 8:50 Metrolink or Amtrank 9:05.    Walks to look at the Metrolink.  No plugs for my computer…Ok, I’ll take the 9:05.  What is 15 minutes more of waiting. 

So I sit and read the L.A. Times.  Hmmm food section title ‘The Art of Waiting”.  Sport section:  An article about James Loney!  Cool!   He is my favorite.  Torre compares him to a young Bernie Williams.  Yes, Torre, I think he is special too.  Ohoh…9:04!!   ::runs to take train::   I missed it again…. :::looks at schedule:::  the next is 9:50.  Ok, time to call boss again. 

I wonder if the bar is open.  I need one of these

with my luck Ill miss the train again.   Oh, someone left the New York Times & the Wall Street Journal!   picture in the NY Times Dining section of whoopie!  Oooh.. Is this a cookie, pie or cake?   The weekend Journal of the Wall Street Journal has a picture of the inside of Yankee Stadium.  Nice Banners.  Title of article “Luxury Strikes Out”   from Friday March 6th. $2,500 for a ticket!!  article here Luxury Srikes Out ::looks at the time::  15 minutes before train departs.  Better start walking now.