Baseball Boogie video

Dodgers lost two games now so I thought that instead of dwelling on the losses, I’ll post something for fun. 

 I saw this video last year and I thought it was hilarious.   It is funny wathing it  all over again. You can see Orel Hershiser, Rick Honeycutt, Mike Scioscia, Bobby Welch, Pedro Guerrero, Mariano Duncan and other players.   Now at the beginning of the youtube it gives a list of players that participated but I did not see Fernando Valenzuela on the video. 

Mariano:  Can I borrow the pink jacket for the 80’s night at the stadium :-)?  

Any ideas on how I should dressed for 80’s fireworks night?  Is Friday June 5th.  Nothing too crazy OK :-)?  Thanks!


  1. crzblue2

    80’s Fireworks night is Friday June 5th. I need ideas on how to dress. I have a couple but I don’t want to make it too crazy.
    They sure looked better with the “tight” pants. I can’t believe they agreed to make that video. What were they thinking!?

  2. crzblue2

    I thought you would a kick out of that video. I bet the those players are embarrased that it surfaced. I forgot to mention it to Bobby Welch when he was part of our coaches for the WIN baseball clinic at Camelback Ranch.

  3. rrrt

    Whoa, they certainly wore their pants tight back then! What a difference from today’s “pajama bottoms”. I must say, though, that that’s a truly cringe-worthy video. I wonder how many of the guys would be mortified to see it now!
    Hmm, how to dress 80s? Well, big hair is a must. Let’s see what else I remember….neon clothes, all those rubber bracelets (a la Madonna’s early days), really tight pants with high heels. Or you could go the whole punk/new-wave look, with safety pins all over and spiked hair. We’ll definitely need to see pictures of it!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  4. thinkingblue

    That is a funny video
    As for dressing up for the 80’s:
    Well if you have an old big Dodgers t-shirt they cut (round up) the neckline so that the shirt will fall of one shoulder. If the shirt is long then wear a big belt over the shirt. Wear a contrasting tanktop or spaguetti strap under t-shirt and allow that shirt to show. Spandex pants or tight jeans (skinnies) will do. If it’s chilly on Friday night than layer your socks (multi colors). And to finish it wear a bright neon blue bow on your hair. Oy yeah wear lots and lots of hairspray. HAVE FUN AT THE GAME!

  5. thinkingblue

    I’m still thinking about the video…I wonder what bet they lost or how much did they get paid for it…LOL!

  6. Dodger4life

    Emma that is a funny video, I wonder if the Dodgers can organize a reunion tour???
    GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

  7. crzblue2

    I don’t know if they made the pants even tighter for the video. I don’t remember them being so tight. I have not heard yet what the guys think of the video now but I will definetely ask Honeycutt next time I see him by the bullpen. Thanks for all the suggestions. Definetely need to do the big hair.
    That is a great idea to do with an old Dodger t-shirt! Yes! I have some big ones. One of them is the Schmidt giveaway t-shirt from a few years back. BTW i wonder how he did yesterday in San Bernardino. I better check Thanks!

  8. crzblue2

    I thought I read that they got paid like $400?
    A reunion would be so cool but I don’t think the guys would go fo it. How about showing the video on the big screen on 80’s night? You think they would go for it? I am going to suggest it and see what they say.

  9. raysrenegade

    Holy Moly,
    I played baseball with Dave Anderson in High School.
    Who knew he had such rythym and singing ability.
    We know he could play a killer shortstop or second base, but the dancing and singing brings about a new dimension to the guy.
    I just missed seeing Alferdo Griffin in there maybe doing a Spanish version.
    Now that was fun to watch.
    Thanks Emma.

    Rays Renegade

  10. Erin Kathleen

    I love that video! It’s even funnier than “the Super Bowl Shuffle”! And I really like the tight pants a lot, too. They’re so much nicer looking 😉 Besides, the new, baggier ones just look like pajama bottoms. I think at least players should be required to wear the long socks, then it doesn’t look quite so sloppy.-Erin

  11. crzblue2

    Glad you liked the video! Guys did look better with the tighter pants. I hate the ones that drag too long.

  12. crzblue2

    Emily & Steph & Canuck,
    the guys probably hated that this resurrected after what? 23 years? Like you all said is priceless. Love the line “Baseball has been very good to me ”

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